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Pete Wells

Pete started playing guitar soon after seeing the late Randy Rhoads in concert on the Diary of a Madman tour.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was completely mesmerized at what I saw coming from the stage. Randy absolutely kicked my ass. His stage performance and his tone were amazing. I knew from then on that I wanted to play guitar.”

Pete came home from that show buzzing about Randy and convinced his mother to buy him a guitar – his first axe, a Gibson les Paul. After learning to play guitar completely on his own, Pete joined his first band – Medusa.

“Medusa was a fun project. We had some really cool songs and a killer vocalist – hmmmmm……. a Ms. Freeman hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.”

That band kind of fizzled out after about a year, but a foundation was laid and a beautiful friendship began.

“Veronica and I really worked well together. There was an instant musical chemistry. We learned how to write with each other, which is the same way we write music now for Benedictum.”

After Medusa, they all went there separate ways. Then one day, Tom Hogue gave Pete a call. Tom was the Drummer for Medusa and wanted to put together a band. Tom recruited Ed Ticknor from Cynical Man and Pete got a hold of Veronica Freeman. The four met and history was made!

“Malady was one of the cool upcoming bands in San Diego. We played many shows with some big name acts at the finest venues in San Diego.”

After Malady went their separate ways, Pete and Veronica pressed on and then came the Benedictum era. The band compiled a 5 song demo. A long time friend of Veronica’s, Craig Goldy, was in town visiting. He heard the demo and was amazed. Craig introduced the band to Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner) to further produce the band.

“Our time with Jeff was amazing!!!!! From the very first day we learned a lot about song writing and production. One of my favorite moments during the recording sessions was during the recording of the solos. I played this really crazy, odd sounding harmony and when I was finished, Jeff turned around and said, “What was that? DON’T EVER PLAY THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!” Of course he had this huge smile on his face. Jeff is really good at making you feel comfortable and getting the most out of you.”

The hard work paid off! The band made its first trip to Europe playing the Gods of Metal and the Metal Way Festival in Spain. They also did a short headline tour of Europe.

“The Gods of Metal was a huge rush!!!! Our second show as a band was in front of a sea of people. The crowd was amazing and very responsive. The Metal Way shows in the north and south of Spain were just as awesome. A dream come true!”

Later in the year, the band was asked to join Doro on tour on the Warrior Soul Tour.

“This was the pinnacle of the year for me – being able to play almost everyday in some of the most beautiful places, with some of the most beautiful people, with the incredible Doro and her band, with an awesome road crew and a killer bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made some friends for life. It was an incredible experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”