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Veronica Freeman

Once I was introduced to Metal I just fell in love with it. I loved the power and the energy of it and was encouraged to try singing by my long time friend Craig Goldy. It took a while before I really got my stride with the whole music thing. But things really changed when I met Pete Wells.

We became close friends and there was just something about his playing that inspired me and still does to this day. We started writing together and were in a few bands together, Medusa and the Malady.

We felt that after playing quite a few local shows in San Diego that it was time to move forward and see what we could do musically on a new level and that is when we embarked on the project that is now Benedictum. With some help from Craig we were introduced to Jeff Pilson and things really started to turn around from there. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff and learning so much from his creativity.

So far so good on the music front and I hope that I will be able to do this for some time to come. Some of my other loves are horses, karting, and being with good friends. People mean a lot to me.

2007 was an eventful year for me and I got married to someone I fell in love with at first sight! So far so good with that too! I have had the opportunity to travel a lot which I just love to do, and have learned to Scuba dive (got my certification in the Grenadine Islands and my best dive so far was a night dive in Hawaii with the manta rays!!!!!! Awesome) and ride a motorcycle as well. It is funny how things happen. I now have a business called “StreetFighters Inc” that sells motorcycle accessories designed to convert Sport bikes into a more naked “StreetFighter” look.

Well I hope to see you on tour somewhere some day…